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July 13, 2022

Lovebird Mating 2

Hi there, thanks for answering my previous questions. Just to check when exactly do I remove the infertile eggs.. After her Incubation period is over or now. And also do I remove it all at one go or one by one so she doesn’t notice it?

You also mentioned that the male and female should be separated? So do I separate them after removing the eggs or when exactly? And when they are separated can I still allow them to mingle and play together when they are outside their cage. Lastly thanks alot for answering my questions. I am new to this and I am so glad I found you:)


Hi Lava,

I would go ahead and do it all at the same time. If you leave the eggs with her, she may start laying more. If you try to take one at a time, same thing – she may lay more. Since she will still be able to see and hear the mate, I really think do it all at once. I don’t think she’s going to freak out or get depressed. She will mostly get aggressive until you are done with the changes. You should also make the changes like rearranging things in the cage and moving it – that and the separation of the mate should keep her mind off of nesting. Give her some new toys to keep her busy. Just remember nothing she can shred for nesting material and nothing she can get inside of. Lovebirds are very playful when you keep their minds off of breeding and nesting. You can try allowing interaction with the male out of the cage as long as they do not try to mate.

Thanks for the update,


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