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January 11, 2023

Lovebird not going into nest box

I bought a love bird pair from pet store on 6th January 2023.
They said that its a guaranty pair. Its been almost a week, but still lovebird is going into nest box.



If you want to breed birds, you need a lot of patience, and you need to change your expectations. To begin with, if the petstore just said paid, you have a pair – but it could be a pair of females or a pair of males. Without DNA testing, there is no guarantee you have a male and female. If they claimed they have bred, they are probably not being truthful because nobody sells a good breeding pair.

The birds need to beat least 2 years old. They need to be bonded as a pair before you give them a nest box. This means grooming and feeding each other and mating. Then you can hang the nest box on the outside of the cage, as high as possible.  Once you hang a nest box, it can take weeks, months or longer for the pair to explore it. Or they may never be interested in it. Not all birds are compatible for breeding, and not all bonded pairs will be good breeders. So for now, I would remove the box and let them bond, and not hang up the box again until you see them mating and showing interest in breeding.

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