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July 27, 2020

Lucky [Parakeet]

Hello, my name is Elizabeth. I have a white-1 year old parakeet whose name is Lucky [I believe she is anyway], but I just had a quick question. My parakeets tail does a slight light bob when she sleeps; however, she plays, she eats, she snacks, she drinks, and she baths herself along with her poops which are normal and hard [from what I have read via the internet]; is this normal or should I be concerned? She also has not had a vet check up, and transferring her from cage to cage to take her to a vet would just stress her out. If it’s possible I would like someone to come to the house to look at her-I am not sure if you know of any Avian/Exotic Mobile Bird Vets in the Winters/Vacaville/Solano County area.

Thank you!


Hi Elizabeth,

This is probably a normal amount of movement while sleeping. Keep in mind that birds have to be able to move their breast bone in order to breathe, so this can result in some tail movement. A tail bob as a result of having trouble breathing is a very pronounced movement. And you would see it during the day, as well as the bird not being active at all. As to a mobile bird Vet, I am not aware of any but your confirmation email contains links for searching for an avian vet. Most Vets are making a lot of exceptions these days, many are offering ‘”teledoc” type services. You might get a video clip of your parakeet doing this and see of one of your area vets will evaluate it for you. But from all you describe, Lucky sounds happy and healthy.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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