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November 2, 2022

Male and female cockatiel fighting.

My female bird got out yesterday and thankfully I got her back. But the day before she got out her 3/4 egg hatched. They would take turns and do everything by the book. As soon as they were seperated for 30hours, they’re hostile towards each other. During the 30 hours the male took so much care of the babies and so far they’re doing great. But he keeps attacking the mother everytime she goes near him. She’s not hostile towards him, she’s friendly but when she saw the chicks after her escape, she was confused as if she had never seen them before.


Hi Matthew,

This type behavior can happen when nesting is interrupted. And some males in captivity behave this way regardless. Usually you have to rotate them and let one care for the chicks during the day, and one at night. Sometimes they can be reunited after a couple of days.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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