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June 27, 2022

Male cockatiel 8 months

I have a two years old female cockatiel and a male of 8 months old. Recently I have noticed that the male is trying to mate with the female. I am a bit worried if he is not too young?



Yes, he is definitely too young! He needs to be 2 years old before you let him breed. I would separate the birds until he is old enough. Otherwise it generally will not turn out well. She may get frustrated with him being so young and get aggressive with him and hurt him. If they do manage to mate and she lay eggs, he probably will not settle down and help. With cockatiels, one parent sits all day and the other sits all night. A young make typically will not sit. He also may break or eat the eggs to make her mate again. He will tend to keep pressuring her to mate and this often ends up with vicious fighting and one might kill the other. If you let him develop bad habits like not sitting on eggs or breaking them, those can be impossible to break and he may never be any use as a breeder. So it’s best to keep them separate and reintroduce them when he is 2 years old.

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