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January 15, 2023

Male Parakeet flew away

My female parakeet had 7 eggs, 2 hatched before the male, unfortunately, got out and flew away. I am concern about mommy alone feeding her babies, what can I do to help? I am already offering soft food, but she is rejecting and I am not so sure she’ll be able to handle all 7 alone, in case they all hatch. Can I start taking them out? if so When?



It will be alot of work for her to care for even one chick by herself. You need to make sure she is eating. As for handfeeding, if you have not done this, you will have a hard time hand feeding parakeets. You should not remove any to feed until the eyes start to open. Try to find a breeder or bird shop in the ares who can show you how to hand feed.

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