Ask Lafeber


July 31, 2020

Mosquito bites

Hello sole mosquitos have been occupying our household lately and I was wondering if I should be worried about mosquito bites in birds, what should I do if she gets bitten. Does it cause disease?


Hi Morgan,

Mosquitoes will bite a bird, but it’s not very likely to happen with the few that get inside of a house. Verde is more likely to bite at them and drive one off. Mosquitoes do spread certain diseases but the odds of this happening to an indoor pet bird are very low. Mosquitoes are much more likely to bite a bare faced bird like a macaw. If you feel like there are a lot in the house, you can place a rotating fan that blows under the cage as long as the breeze is not blowing inside of the cage. Mosquitoes do not like moving air and will naturally avoid it. But honestly I’ve never heard of a pet bird being bitten indoors.

Hope you are both doing well!


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