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July 28, 2021

Mum and dad finch r mating again

My baby finches r 4 wks and 2 days old but I noticed mum and dad mating again as u said I did remove the nest is it the feeding and taking care of the babies the taxing part on mum or both what should I do if she lays a egg is it ok to remove it as I don’t want to discourage her from from future laying as I only want her to rest as advised that’s what’s best after each hatching


Hi Penny,

Laying eggs is what is hardest on the hen. It takes a lot out of her system to form each egg. In the wild, they only lay eggs once a year. In captivity, as long as conditions are right, she will keep laying eggs because she doesn’t know this is bad for her. You can limit their light to 8-10 hours by covering the cage early each evening. Move the cage to a busy place in the house. If you see them mating, try moving the cage again. Sometimes you have to split the pair up to make them stop. But this is better than the female having to keep laying eggs.

Thank you for Asking Lafeber,


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