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September 28, 2021

My 4 month old budgie suddenly died

I have two boy budgies and they have been fine however one of my boys has continually fought with the other picking on him almost and I checked on them and they was fine then my sister goes to put their cover on the cage before bed and one of them was dead at the bottom of the cage with his feet gripped to the bottom I just want what the causes could have been as I thought they were in perfect health


Hi Elle,

I’m very sorry for your loss. If one bird was always picking on the other and fighting with it, then this is very possibly why the bird died. That type of treatment is very stressful, especially for a young bird. Even if he wasn’t causing obvious injuries, the bully bird could have been injuring the other bird internally. If you only had one food and water dish, the bully may have prevented the other bird from eating and drinking. Some sparring and harmless fighting is normal, but if a bird is relentlessly bullying another, the birds need to be separated. It’s too stressful and not fair to the bullied bird. It could be that the bird was weak in some way and that is why he was picked on. And there could be other reasons why he died. But I would not put another bird with the remaining one right away, and if you do get another bird, do not put a baby in with him. Always observe birds when first caging them together, and separate them if they fight a lot or if one is being a bully.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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