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October 26, 2020

My African Gray’s feet problem

Hi there, I’m a first time African Gray owner and was wondering if it’s normal for your African Gray’s feet to have blisters, cuts, and flash .I have done my research and I have tried a few things but they never seem to work . I think it’s because he climbs around to much in he’s cage but he’s only 2 and half years old so there wasn’t much to try . Please help me I’ve tried so much things and I really need your help! I do watch his cage twice a week and I do clean them with worm water .


Hi Moeke,

I would recommend that you take him to an Avian Vet to be checked out. This is not normal at all. A parrot’s foot will appear dry, but there should not be any of what you have described. This may be a nutritional issue or a problem with his caging or perches or a combination of all of this. I would suggest that you take photos of the cage and perches so that the Vet can advise you if any of it is the wrong material or size for him. It sounds like he may also be bored or maybe the cage isn’t large enough or he needs more toys to keep him busy. He shouldn’t just be climbing all the time – this can be the equivalent to pacing. And  foot issues like he has will be very painful, especially since a parrot is always on his feet. He has no way to get relief from the pain. So his foot issues need to be diagnosed and treated by a Vet.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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