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February 14, 2022

My african grey is not active and sick.

It happened yesterday 12th feb 2022, my grey was attacked by a stray cat. The cat jumped at my parrot and caught my grey with her paws but my brother quickly grabbed that cat and the cat ran away. There were no scratches or a bite, but my grey is now not active at all, she is not making a sound and is not eating or drinking. The vet gave my parrot a energy and stress shot but its been hours my grey is still like that. I am so worried its been 2 days.



I would take the bird back to the Vet for a thorough exam. She may have internal injuries or have a scratch or bite that you didn’t see. Cats have bacteria on their claws and in their mouths that is deadly to birds. Even with immediate treatment, the bird often does not survive. Your grey sounds very ill. Not eating or drinking is serious. The bird needs immediate vet care or she may not make it. It could be stress, but it sounds a lot more serious and likely life-threatening.

Take care,


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