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January 18, 2019

My african grey is sick…

I have a 6months old African grey…i bought her on Dec 12th..since then she was very chirpy and loud and was adopting to all of us in the house . A very active bird I must say!A week before,it happened for a persian cat outside my villa to get inside my home where this bird was let out for roaming inside the house…and both the cat and the grey came in face to face encounter but for Allahs sake,no physical contact was there btween them…i suddently took the cat outside…
Now days later,my bird has stopped making noise and always sits with her feathers drooping…we took her to a vet and he has given vit c powder,antibiotc and painkiller too…i am giving her since 2 days…am really worried abt my bird..plz advice wot to do


Hi Mahasna,

I am very sorry your Grey is feeling bad. If she is not improving, please call the vet – she may need a different antibiotic. It may have been the cat, or something else in the environment. Cats have bacteria in their mouths that can be deadly to birds, but normally they have to bite or scratch the bird. Bacterial infections are common in parrots, especially baby parrots. It can be from common bacteria that is in the environment all the time.  Keep her warm and comfort her – talk to her and treat her like you would any sick child. The truly can help. And again, check with the vet if she has not improved at all.

Take care and keep us updated,


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