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April 20, 2021

My bird is not able to fly

Hello my self yashasvi I have a red vented bulbul and he is almost a year old. Day before yesterday he was searching food on the floor and suddenly my sister stepped and he got under my sister’s foot and he got flattened rn he is fine but he isn’t able to fly and he is loosing many of his feathers he isn’t speaking anything and he is bended towards right side please help me how can I take care of him.


Hi Yashasvi ,

I am very sorry to hear about this tragic accident. This type injury can be very serious, but depending on the details of the injury, he may be able to recover with medication and time. It is very important for you to take him to an Avian vet or a vet who can treat birds. The vet may give the bird something for pain and inflammation. Do not give up on his recovery. I have known paralyzed birds who were able to walk and fly again eventually. It may take months or a year, but many times recovery or partial recovery is possible. But it is very important to treat his pain and swelling and make sure he doesn’t develop any infection.

Tale care,


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