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June 7, 2022

My budgie has tacypnea after his molt

I have a one year old budgie. He was doing well until he molted. After a few days he seemed to be tired and slept during the day. After that he was with poor appetite and he didnt play with us. Now one week passed and he still hass tacypne and his mouth opens while breathing. He only eats on our hands. He has no noise while brearhing and his eyes and stool looks normal. What should we do now?


Hi Ersin,

Birds can go down very rapidly so it’s important to take a bird to an Avian vet at the first sign of illness. Please take your little guy to a Vet. He is clearly deteriorating and you will end up losing him if you continue to wait and see. Whatever the cause, he sounds quite ill and isn’t going to recover without veterinary care.

Take care,


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