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May 26, 2022

My budgies argue and peck at each other and bite me if I try to touch them.

I thought I had two males, but after reading, I think I have two females. I have a big cage. Should I add a male or would this be worse?


Hi Tammy,

If you want to have a bird as a tame pet, you should only have one bird. When you have two in the same cage, they will bond and not want to be handled. Budgies do fuss and chirp and spar with each other all the time. As long as they are not pulling each other’s feathers out or drawing blood, then the spats are normal and harmless. Two females will especially argue and chatter at each other. You can’t add a single male. It’s never good to have an odd number of birds in a cage. The two birds there already have formed some type of bond. If you added a single male, they might gang up and attack and even kill the poor thing. Or they might fight each other over a third bird. You can try adding two more birds. But this will not make things “better”. You will then have four budgies chattering and sparring and fussing and being typical budgies. And it will do nothing to make them tame. If you add birds, never give them a nest, box, bird hut or tent or anything they can use as a nest. The same goes for the 2 birds you have, particularly if you have 2 females. They do not need a nest or anything to sleep in. A nest is only for breeding pairs, and is only used for breeding season. The rest of the year it has to be removed. Giving two females a nest could make them start laying eggs, and this isn’t good for them. Some females won’t stop laying eggs, and then you have to take her to the vet for hormone treatment. I would give these two birds plenty of toys and just enjoy watching them play and interact. Again, if you want a tame bird, I recommend a young male in his own cage, and keep him away from the two females.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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