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January 8, 2019

My cockatoo

Why is my cockatoo keeps braking her eggs ?


Hi Antonio,

There can be many reasons for this. I’m assuming your bird has a mate and a nest box? If she is too young, she doesn’t know what to do and sometimes will break the eggs. Sometimes they get broken by the male or female by accident. She needs a special diet while breeding, so if her nutritional needs are not met, she may eat her eggs for the nutrition. This is a bad habit and if she continues, she will never make a good breeder. I would remove the nest box for now, and let the pair rest for at least six months. You may need to separate them. After this, make sure she is on a supplemented diet and make sure she is old enough. Then you can think about setting up the nest box again. Cockatoos are one of the hardest birds to breed successfully. And not all birds make good breeders. I would suggest doing a lot of research and try to learn from other bird breeders.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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