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November 16, 2021

My love bird is almost 2 and hasn’t laid eggs

I’m wondering why my lovebird hasn’t laid any eggs she’s almost 2 now in March and she’s never laid an egg.. she’s been doing these weird wing things where she stretches her wings out and puts her butt in the air.. what does that mean and is it bad she hasn’t laid any as everyone says they usually do between 9-12 months


Hi Morgan,

In captivity, some female lovebirds will start to lay eggs, in some cases as young as 8 months old. They really should not begin laying eggs until they are about 2 years old. They are at a high rate of becoming egg bound and dying if they lay eggs at a young age. This is why a female lovebird should not be caged with a male until both birds are 2 years old. So there is absolutely nothing wrong with your bird, and it’s best that she hasn’t laid eggs. If you are trying to breed your bird, again you need to wait until she and the male are at least 2 years old. If she is your only bird, it is best for her that she never lay eggs. Forming and laying eggs is hard on her, so unless she has a mate, it is a waste of her health and resources to undergo the strain of laying eggs. So never give her a nest or bird hut other anything she might try to use for a nest. One other thing to consider is that she may be he. Unless you have had a DNA test run, there is no way to know for sure that she is a female unless she does lay eggs. So I would just enjoy her as a pet and hope you never do have to deal with egg laying.

Thank you for asking Lafeber.


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