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March 12, 2020

My new babies

What to do? I was not intending to breed babies. My parakeets seemed to want a cozy dark space , so I got a coconut shell for them, no nesting material, and next thing I know she laid 4 eggs. 2 hatched this week. I am excited and nervous. Mom fiercely protects(sits on/screams at me if I come close) her babies and remaining eggs. I don’t think she wants me interfering. Should I be doing/buying anything? Have been reading everything reputable I can get my hands on. I prefer a knowledgeable answer. Also, how do I find a vet who makes house calls?


Hi Michelle,

As you have discovered, parakeets seek a cozy space when they want to breed. In the future, do not give them anything to nest in or anything they can shred as nesting material. Birds only need a nest when they are breeding and raising chicks.

As these chicks grow, they may outgrow the makeshift nest. If needed, try a shallow cardboard box on the cage floor – but only if the chicks start falling out of the current nest. Make sure the parents are eating a nutritionally balanced diet like pellets or our foraging diets. also offer chopped fresh veggies, fruits and dark, leafy greens. Some cooked eggs are good while she is feeding chicks. And multi grain bread. Once these chicks are weaned, they need to me moved to another cage or to new homes. You don’t want them to breed with the parents or each other, so don’t give opposite sexes to the same h9me. I’m not sure that you can find an avian vet that makes house calls. You would need to contact local clinics and ask.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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