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August 30, 2021

My parrot got hurt while she was flying.

My parrot got hurt while she was flying around house. She has superficial wound below the wings. The wound is of 1 inch and can be seen when we lift the wing up. She eats properly and is active. We don’t have any avian vet in the town . We r giving her cefpet and detnesop and apply betadin and nebasulf. What can we do . Please help me .



I’m not familiar with the medicines you are using, but you should not be giving the bird anything orally without the bird being seen by a Vet. The search I did for the first medicine says it’s for dogs and cats, so you don’t know if it’s safe for birds or how much to give. Keeping the wound clean is important. But using any kind of ointment can cause problems if the bird eats any of it. Even a dog and cat Vet can treat a wound on a bird, so I would recommend having a Vet check the wound and prescribe medicine.

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