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October 11, 2022

My pregnant budgie is panting.

One of my female budgie is pregnant. She seems healthy as she is always playing and jumping around. But sometimes she pants and breathes heavily. She also keeps her Wings half open so I guess that she feels hot. It’s currently 31 degree Celsius and I think that she is panting because of overheating. I want to move her cage to a place with breeze so that She doesn’t get overheated. Will there be any problem if I move her cage into a colder place?


Hi Saria,

Birds do not get pregnant because they lay eggs, and all development takes place after the egg is laid. An egg takes about 48 hours to form, and then the bird lays the egg, so most of the time there are no visible signs that a bird is about to lay an egg. This means there is something else going on with your bird. The temperature is warm, but not really hot enough to cause the signs you are seeing, unless she has something wrong with her. I would take her to an avian Vet as soon as possible. Do not put her in a cool area or this could cause her to get worse and die. Birds do not handle big temperature changes very well and they should not be in a draft or breeze if they aren’t used to it. There are a lot of things that can cause breathing issues or panting, but a Vet needs to diagnose her so she can be treated. She could just be overweight or have a tumor or have something causing fluid to build in her abdomen and with any of these things, she would not act sick and would remain active for as long as she can. There are many other things it could be. But without treatment, she will get worse and eventually succumb to whatever is wrong with her.

Take care,


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