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October 28, 2020

Nail trimming perches

We just purchased, a blue color, perch, for his feet, he seems not to go near it, he looks scared, I tried yo put my green-cheek conure parrot named Charlie, on it, he refuses, what can I do!!!


Hi Anna,

Just like a new toy, your bird needs time to get used to the new perch. The grooming perches are most effective if they are placed where the bird will use it to step to another perch or to a toy or food or water. It should not be his primary perch. If it is the correct size, it works best after a nail trim, as it keeps the nails from getting too sharp again, but it will not make the nails shorter, so nail trims are still necessary. It should not be too abrasive or have any loose grit or sand on it. The kind you want will have a cement or concrete type feel – a bit rough but not sharp. To get him used to it, you can start by setting it next to the cage where he can see it. You can try letting him check it out when you have him out handling him. When you do place it in the cage, put it low and not where it will block his food or water. Then you have to wait and give him time to accept it. Once you see him using it, you can change the location where he uses it some but not all the time. It should not be the highest perch, because this is usually where a bird sleeps and that would be too many hours to spend on a grooming perch.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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