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July 28, 2021

Nessting box

I have had a nessting house up for about 3 weeks and my two parakeets won’t go in it maybe they are still to young


Hi Cheryl,

If you want to breed your birds, they need to be about 2 years old. If they are younger, then remove the nest box until they are old enough. You need a parakeet nest box, that is made of wood, and attaches to the outside of the cage, as high as possible. The bird huts, tents or any type of cute little house will not work for breeding. The parakeet nest box is square and just has a single hole for entry. Your birds should be eating a nutritionally balanced diet and not just a seed diet. The cage needs to be in a private area without people around them. Not all pairs will bond and not all birds are good breeders. All you can do is set them up with what they need, and hope they settle down and breed. Three weeks isn’t very long, so again if they are old enough, give them time and see what they do.

Thank you for Asking Lafeber,


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