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October 26, 2018

New Bed

Hello I have 2 love birds, a dutch faced and a peach faced that are about to be 10 months old. I recently got them a new bed. The only difference is the color of the bed. It is the soft one that is enclosed and has one entry point that u can get from petsmart. The old color had a dark blue on the inside, this new one has a bright yellow on the side and grass green on the outside. The difference in behavior is they no longer sleep inside of the bed. They sleep on the back of the bed that is placed in a corner. So they are pretty much in a tight space right next to each other and hold onto the bed as they sleep. I was wondering if they do not like the color or if they are just changing with time?


Hi Chemal,

Your lovebirds are old enough that they do not need the bed. Because young birds are often sold before they would have left their nest, a bird bed can be a good thing to have. But lovebirds are done with their nest by 12 weeks old at the most, and at that time you should remove the bed or nest.

Adult birds do not sleep in a nest unless they have eggs – and this is only so that they can keep the eggs warm. The rest of the time, they sleep in trees for the most part, with a few exceptions. Lovebirds should not be given a bed or nest unless you plan to breed them. And in that case, you need to wait until they are closer to two years old to allow them to breed. Ten months old is not a good age at all of them to have a bed/nest – basically they view the bed as a nest. If either of your birds is a female, this can trigger her hormones and cause her to try to lay eggs at too young of an age, which is dangerous for her. If these two birds are related, then you never want to let them breed. Another issue with allowing them to have the bed/nest is that if they are tame now, they will not remain tame – they will start wanting to breed(again too young) and will not be interested in being pets.

So go ahead and remove the bed and replace it with another perch. They are ready to sleep on a perch at night, and in that case, will choose the highest perch. Then if you plan to breed them, wait another year and then give them a nest box – but only if they are unrelated, and a male & a female. Otherwise it’s perches only for them from this point.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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