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September 23, 2021

Not feeding chicks

What is the reason for parent cockatiel not feeding chiks


Hi Niran,

Usually it is first time parents, birds that are too young, or birds that have been overbred and are tired out. If this is their first clutch, this is normal – it’s best to leave the chicks with the parents and hope they figure it out, because the chicks rarely survive if you try to hand feed them from day 1. If the parents are under 2 years old, they should not be paired up or allowed to breed yet. Young birds are less likely to take care of eggs or chicks. If they have been overbred they are simply tired. Pairs should be rested for 6 months in between clutches, with the nest box removed. They should be limited to 2 clutches per year. If this is a pair that has failed to feed the chicks more than twice, then they should not be bred again – some pairs never make good parents.

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