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November 13, 2020

Not pooping as frequently

I know constipation is rare in birds but I am suspecting that verde is dealing with it, usually when that happens I give her some banana and all seems well but I’m seeing little improvement this time, another thing other than constipation is that it may be an un-fertilized egg since she is a female, what should I do? Just to clarify I am not sure I’m just suspecting because I’m see very very few droppings from her, and verde usually poops very often


Hi Morgan,

Let me address the signs of possible egg binding. She would be puffed up and hunched over a bit, and maybe sit on the cage floor with obvious straining and signs of distress. Her tail would pump up and down. If she does this, she needs to go to the emergency clinic. If she were going to lay an egg, and there are no complications, there may be no advance signs other than she might pick a food bowl or the bottom of the cage to nest in. She would likely fluff up and charge at you, to protect her nest. As she is really too young, hopefully this isn’t going on and she may never lay eggs, which is the best scenario. Single conures are not as likely to lay eggs as budgies, cockatiels and finches.

I know you were working on her nutrition, so if her diet has changed, that can change her frequency of pooping. Also, if the weather is cooler and she isn’t as active, that can be a cause. Birds poop more when they are excited or stressed. And she is also older now, so it may be her new normal now. Does she have a water bowl or a water bottle? I’m not a fan of water bottles and find some birds do not drink enough water when they do not have an open bowl. If she is eating less fresh foods or less fruit, this will affect her frequency. As long as her droppings look normal, and she isn’t straining when she poops, then I wouldn’t worry about it. As you found out before, a change in droppings can be a sign of illness.

Thanks for the update,


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