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November 14, 2022

not sure if my love bird are male and female or just 2 males

so i have 2 love birds one is blue and one is green i gave them a breedingbox after that they started mating green would mount him shelf on top of blue and they mated its been 5 days since they have started mating they have mated for 5 days straight but yesterday i saw something strange blue also tried to get on top of green and mate soo now im confused and yes one more thing green feeds blue many times but blue is not nesting she stays in box 90% of the time when i was providing thr box i threw some nesting in it by my shelf soo that might be the resaon of her not nesting because she got the nest already or i dont know whats the matter soo my qestion is for how many days do love birds mate before laying eggs and are my birds 2 males or they are male and a female or 2 females



Unless one of them lays an egg, you can’t tell their sex without a blood test. Mating does not have to result in egg laying, and two males will mate with each other in captivity. It’s important that they are the same species of lovebird. It sounds like yours are definitely two different mutations, and that is OK as long as they are the same species. It’s best to leave them alone and see what happens. Breeding birds need privacy. And they want to fix the nest box their way. Sometimes they do not use the nesting material at all. You can make it available, but don’t add it to the box after they are already using the box. If no eggs show up after a few weeks, you might want to have them DNA tested to make sure they are male and female.

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