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January 8, 2021


How much should I portion out to my AGC on a daily basis.


Hi Joshua,

Your Grey can have as many Nutri-Berries as he can eat each day, without wasting too much. Birds do not over eat if their nutritional needs are met. But he needs to learn to eat most of each berrie and not just pick a few favorite bits and waste the rest. First you want him to learn to eat the Nutri-Berries. For some birds you may need to crumble them, and then start offering the berries intact. Once he is eating them well, you can reduce the number you give him at a time, and give him more when he has consumed the first serving. Greys are very smart, so make sure he has eaten the berries – if he has wasted a lot, place the discarded portions back into his dish as long as they didn’t get soiled or wet. He will soon learn he isn’t getting more until he eats what he has. Eventually he will eat anywhere from 6-12 berries each day – this varies by bird depending on activity and individual metabolism. You can offer pellets along with Nutri-Berries if you want to, and this will give him something else to munch on if he finishes his berries and you aren’t around. Nutri-Berries are formulated the same as pellets, but they are not ground up. They are ideal for Greys since they offer foraging exercise and enrichment.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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