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July 31, 2019

Okay to leave parakeets in cage while we are on vacation?


We have two parakeets who stay outside their cage the whole day and only go into the cage to sleep at night. We have a playground for them and they typically play in that area the whole day.

We will gone for vacation for 3 weeks and will have a pet sitter who will come to change food/water etc. while we are away. They are familiar with the pet sitter.

We are wondering if we can leave them in the cage? In the past, we have done for a few days or 2 weeks and left them in the cage with a camera on there and a pet sitter who would come in while we are away. We play music for them and put toys in their cage. They seem happy but not sure if 3 weeks is too long?

I’m worried about leaving them outside their cage. Can you let me know your thoughts? Thank you.


Hi Yamini,

They will be fine in the cage. They will know ya’ll are not there and a change like this will be enough for them to be a bit wary anyway. I would not leave them out. Just as they will be fine in the cage while you are gone, if left out, they will get insecure because nobody is around. They might leave their safe play area and explore the house looking for someone. There are too many ways a loose bird can get hurt in a house if nobody is around to supervise. If the pet sitter can come in twice a day, have them turn on the TV or some music and then turn it off when they come back.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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