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September 30, 2022

Old budgie meets new budgie and becomes aggressive

Thank you so much for your help, i have just separated them into their own cages and was just wondering should this be a permanent thing or just until I tame/ gain trust? As of a day when weather is good and I go out/school/ work I’d usually take my budgie outside so they arnt cooped up all day in a room. So I was just wondering for how long would separate cages be needed, is it just a matter of time? Or a permanent thing? Thank you x


Hi Keira,

Even once tame, if they live together in the same cage, that tameness can go away. As for going outside, it is good to let them get some sunlight, but also be aware of the dangers. Of course they need shade – they can quickly over heat in the full sun. Birds are much more likely to die from overheating than from cold. They need to be protected from predators – Cats, dogs, raccoons, rats and snakes are common predators, but you also have to worry about hawks! And of course you want to lock or tie all of the doors on the cage. I do not recommend leaving them outdoors if you aren’t there to watch them. Even in a protected yard, a predator can manage to get to them. We have some great webinars about outdoor safety for pet birds you might want to check out. They have tips on keep your bird safe outdoors.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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