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July 20, 2020

Parakeet Diet

I’m getting a parakeet soon and I wanted to know if this website has good food to order for them. I already know that a normal seed mix may not give the best nutrients. But I’m curious to know which ones would be best for the parakeet. I’m thinking about getting the classic nutriberries if so.


Hi Apollo,

I know you are looking forward to your new friend! Yes, we do sell directly from our website as well as through retailers. I will post our sales link below. You are correct that your new parakeet will need a more nutritious diet than a loose seed mix. While our foraging diets do contain seeds, the seeds are hulled which allows the added nutrients to remain on the seed so that your bird will get the nutrition he needs. Of course you can always go with a pelleted diet, but our foraging diets are formulated to provide complete nutrition, while also offering the whole seeds that are natural to a parakeet’s diet along with other nutritious ingredients. You can feed any of our diets alone or in combination, so you can feed Nutri-Berries, but for variety, you also can offer the different flavors we make, Avi-Cakes, Pellet-Berries and pellets. You new bird will likely be used to a loose seed mix, so to begin with, we recommend breaking up the Nutri-Berries and mixing them with a small amount of the food the bird is used to eating. You can gradually reduce the loose seed mix where you are only feeding the Nutri-Berries. Then once he is used to eating those, you can start offering the Nutri-Berries whole rather than crumbled. Your goal is for your bird to eat most of each berry without wasting too much. While you will geed more to begin with, once he is eating them well you should reduce the amount offered at a time until he learns to eat all of each berry. This way you will have very little food wasted.

Here are the links to our bird food guide and our ordering site:

Caring For Your Bird

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