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April 27, 2021

Parakeet gender

what’s the best way to differentiate male from female in budgies?


Hi Iga,

Thank you for viewing the webinar from Turkey!

You can tell the sex of many parakeets by the cere color. It is hard to tell when the birds are young, but generally the cere will change to the adult color from 6 months of age or older. Males will have a solid blue cere, and the female’s will be white or brown. If the female is in breeding condition, the cere can look larger and take on a crusty appearance. However, the cere is not an indication of sex in many of the color mutations. In most cases, you can’t tell sex by the cere if the parakeet is a light, pastel or solid color. With those mutations, the cere will often be pink or light lavender for the bird’s entire life. In that case, a DNA test is needed to determine the sex.

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