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November 16, 2021

Parakeet laying eggs while on Perch

Hi. I have a couple parakeet (1 male 1 female) and I caught them mating 2wks ago. Now, my parakeet lays her eggs while on perch so the eggs are always broken. The 1st one was infertile so I just threw it away but the second one had yolk in it. It was so depressing to see.
She would 90% of the time stay on the nest box but oddly when it’s time to lay eggs she’s on the perch. Is there anything that needs to be done?
Their diet is good, I give them bird seeds, chopped veggies, mineral block, cuttle bone and vitamins.
Thank you.


Hi JM,

All eggs have yolks, so that has nothing to do with the egg being fertile. If you didn’t see a yolk the first time, she probably ate it. If she is eating the eggs, she probably will never sit on them and hatch them. Eating eggs is a bad habit that generally can’t be stopped. A fertile egg has to be incubated around the clock before it even begins to develop. Then it still takes several days for any signs of life to appear. So there is no way to know if the eggs were fertile. If any eggs do not break, you can move it to the nest box. If all of these eggs break, you need to take the nest box away for 6 months and rest her. You can’t allow her to have clutch after clutch without resting her. It’s also important that she and the male are at least 2 years old. There is nothing you can do to make her lay eggs in the box. But if she keeps laying them from the perch, even after a 6 month rest, then you shouldn’t try to breed this bird again. Not all birds make good breeders so she might not be cut out for breeding. Her diet could use improvement. A seed mix does not provide the nutrition she needs. You need to feed them a pellet or our foraging diets.

Thank you for asking Lafeber.


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