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May 9, 2022

Parakeet Parents

I have several keets in a very large cage. One hen has laid eggs in the nest box in the cage. 2 males are enthusiastically feeding her. I witnessed one mount her. I want to remove the nest box/momma into another cage. I know her mate should be with her. Is it ok for me to take both of the males that I suspect is the father and put them in the other cage with her?


Hi Don,

You should only have one pair in a cage for breeding. If you move both males, they will end up fighting and one may even kill the other. You should never provide nests or nest boxes for a group of birds in a cage. They only need nests for breeding, and again, you can only have one pair per cage for breeding. I would move one male with her and see how they behave. First clutches almost always fail, and she may not sit on these eggs since she was moved. But you can let her try after a 6 month rest.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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