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July 20, 2022

Parrot addicted to Rubik’s Cube

Another problem for my Alexandrine.
Lately my bird has been in love with my Rubik’s cube. He chews it’s blocks and sometimes even takes them out. He plays for hours. Due to that problem, I had to buy another one for myself but to my surprise he wants to play with it ie. Destroy it. I have been keeping it away from him.

Is there a way to separate him from the cube, and is it harmful for him to play with it? I haven’t seen him eating or ingesting any of the small parts of the cube.



I’m glad to hear it sounds like he has recovered from the scary incident. I hope you and your family have found a safe place to live. As long as he isn’t trying to eat the pieces, it sounds like the cube is keeping him busy and happy. I see no reason to take it away from him. Since he has one and now you have a new one, he is not going to understand the difference so you may have to play with yours when he is in a another room. They do make different puzzle and foraging toys for parrot. You might be able to find and order something like that for him online.

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