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December 21, 2021

Parrot lorry feeding

I give a lory 3 different pieces every day, such as a piece of apple, a piece of pear, and a piece of cauliflower. Is this adequate nutrition for him or is it too much? With the presence of food Almhss him.



If this is along with his regular diet, then yes, this is OK. But if this is ALL you are feeding daily, then no, the bird is not getting enough nutrition by any means. He should be eating a diet that is formulated for a Lory. These are usually powdered diets that you feed dry or mixed with water. It will have balanced vitamins in it that he needs. This would be about 80% of his diet. Along with that, you can offer a variety of fruits, daily. Not just one or two fruits, but several kinds every day. This includes fruits like apple, pear, bananas, citrus like oranges, and berries like blueberries & strawberries. He should also get a small amount of vegetables daily, not just one kind. Generally you want to offer one or two small pieces of each kind, so that he doesn’t get too much of any nutrient. You will mix a variety in one dish and let him pick what he likes. He should always have food available to him in his cage. Here is our feeding guide, but keep in mind that he should not have seeds and grains. Then  you should also read our link about Lorys.

Bird Food Guide


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