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July 24, 2019

Parrot scape

I had a brazian readheaded parrot for many many years I taught him how to look for food he was free on my house and in the garden he took a couple times a little fly around nothing serious ,he always landed and start to call me desperately–but last Easter I took him to my farm for the first time and he just vanished I did look for him for hours and days and I was unable to find him -in my farm there are hundreds of birds -and hundreds upon hundreds of parrots all kinds -do you think my parrot can adopt one of these groups of parrots they are the same species-my parrot was 6 years old a male that I rescued from a bad person all the years he was with me I was the only one who can tosch him he always sleeping in my shoulder I feel like I lost a son -I still keep looking for him but my hope is that he still alive and well -in my farm there are hundreds of fruits and flowers he used to eat so I believe he is doing fine —other wise it will be very sad and all will be my fault…


Hi Emmanuelle,

If he is in his native habitat it is not surprising that he joined up with other parrots. He most certainly found and joined a flock. Parrots are resilient and escaped pets can survive in the wild, especially if there are other parrots around and the climate is good. There are flocks of escaped parrots of different species throughout the southern United States that consist of escaped pet or breeder birds. Some parrots, like the Quaker parrot, adapt so easily that they are actually banned in some States as a pet because they are considered an invasive species should they escape. So from what you described, your parrot is probably doing well in the wild with other parrots.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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