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Encouraging parrot to fly?

This is about my friend’s mealy amazon parrot. The vet says he’s overweight – he’s a really big parrot anyway, but he shouldn’t be that heavy – so in addition to putting him on a low calorie diet (no more fried chicken, pizza, BBQ pork ribs, Doritos or drinks of orange soda in particular, no […]

Breeding amazon

Thank you for replying Brenda Our 3 years old amazons was breeding very good and raised 3 beautiful chicks every season until now they are 10 years old, but the other female 6 years old no sign at all to lay any egg, is there any female yellow winged Blue fronted amazon never laid egg?

Breeding bird

Hi.. I have pair blue fronted amazon about 6 years old but the female still not laying any egg, they were normally mating, but I gave another pair started breeding 3 years old in the same home .. Don’t know why? Eat very well and so healthy Is their any thing I have to do,? […]

Hormonal behavior

How can you tell your bird is hormonal? What are the signs? I have a 1 year old female yellow nape and not looking forward to this and what should I do when this happens? Thank you!

Yellow nape Amazon

Hello I’m about to purchase a yellow nape Amazon. I have spent time with her and she’s nice I can hold her she’s only 4 months old. My husband can hold her but she has Lunged and bit my son and my husband. We go to visit her at the store she’s in right now. […]

Same nutriberries for Lovebirds, and DYH Amazon?

I want to buy a variety of nutriberries but, I can only find the garden veggie variety in “parrot food” size. Is there a difference in the sizes? Can I give my lovebirds the “parrot food” size, as well as my DYH Amazon?


I’ve got a blue fronted Amazon that is crazy about pistachio nuts, probably eats 5-6 of them a day. At 27 years (approximately) of age ir would be difficult at best to get him off of this treat.

Picky Parrot Webinar – toxic foods/weaning Amazon

is it true avocado can kill an Amazon parrot? what other fruits/vegetables are forbidden? how do i teach a 2 months and a half Amazon to eat pellets and other seeds? i am trying to teach her how to drink water and eat the formula by herself

Amazon in heat

How can I keep loving on my sweetest male Amazon while his hormones are raging? Do I need to stop petting him and scratching his feathered head? I’ve tried to see how long the hormonal urge lasts. Seems he tries to show me what’s beneath his tail forever. Thank you for any help you can […]

Amazon yellow head parrot

My bird is about 13/14 yrs old… he started pacing all night in his cage… and losing small feathers… I can see that under his wings he is somewhat bald… his eyes are clear and he eats snd drinks… wondering if you know what’s happening?

Amazon tail

i have 33 year old amazon. she has no tail, never has. when feathers start to grow out, she picks them and they bleed till pulled out. years ago had many tests run and never could find anything….thoughts??

Amazon behavior

I have a female grey and male blue front who thinks he is KING. He despises other male green birds like caiques and senegals etc. When I bird sit these type of birds, he is horrible, and back to himself the minute they leave. When I got the grey, not a ripple, perhaps because she […]

Amazon feather destructive behavior

My 3 and one half year old blue front Amazon barbers feathers below each wing on body is this hormonal or nervous condition feathers are not on wing

What is CPBC

What does CPBC mean and how do you get that title? Please offer the (senior) Amazon a flat perch.

Walnut nutrition

I use walnuts in small bits as training reward do they have same benefits for the Amazon parrot as for humans

Preen gland

Why do some birds not have uropygial glands (Amazons, pionus and hyacinths)?

Sick bird.

My female Amazon has had a breathing issue for about 3 weeks. She has now stopped eating and just sits with her head under her wing. Is there anything that can be done for her or is it too late.

Amazon behavior

How do I prevent an Amazon from dive bombing me besides clipping him.

Amazon nutrition and behavior

What are the best nuts to feed parrots? Why would an amazon be interested in a mug filled with coffee or tea but ignore one with water?

feeding blue front

How many nutri berries per day as his main food do you suggest? I’ll also give him fruit and vegetables daily. Thank you,

Health concerns

I have had my red lored Amazon for 27 years he was abandoned to a pet store and is estimated to be 35 years old. I recently took him to the vet for an issue with one feather that was growing into a circle and was very fat and painful and as a result of […]

New Home Acclimation

I am seeking advice on how to safely acclimate our family’s 26 year old double yellow headed Amazon, Jasper, to my home. He has lived with my parents since they first adopted him in 1993 (I was 19 at the time). My mother, Jasper’s primary caregiver, passed away 5 years ago. My dad has cared […]


My 30 year old Amazon ate a very small amount of onion bread What should I do


Is it possible for my amazon parrot 25 years old to have a hernia? He had several expensive tests and finally gave me an antibiotic for five days and he got better. I still don’t know what the problem was. I originally took him because he had stopped eating. Can you give me an ideas […]


If an Amazon is regurgitating food, should he eat more?

Eating / Diet

My 5 month old Yellow Head Amazon Parrot, is not swallowing his pellets or seeds instead he is nibbling on them. I tried the formula again but he is resisting that also.

older Amazon

Should an older Amazon parrot–aged 45–receive any special care?

Iron Storage in Amazons?

I have an Amazon, and I am interested in your view on iron storage in Amazons. I am looking for a low-iron pellet. Any suggestions.

chest bump

Hello, i was recently given a Hispanolian parrot as a gift by a family member, i would like to find out why she came without feathers also why she has a medium size bump on her chest. Regarding the taming part she bites and does not want to be touched. I’m trying to be slow […]

Amazon parrot

My bird fell 3′ on 2 Feb. Since then he sleeps lot, is listless, and doesn’t play. He hurt one foot and can no longer hold his food, but he eats eagerly if I hand feed him. Often when he sleeps his head hangs forward below his perch, as low as the end of his […]

Question mark

bad feathers

My Panama Amazon (27 yrs old) has always had poor feather quality: black feathers on back of wings & off color & sparse on ends of tail feathers. I joined a group on FB that’s dedicated to parrot health issues & the “manager“ of site recommended V1V1-13 vitamins which I started Cookie on recently. Any […]

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Dominance issue?

I just got my Red-Lored baby back after about 10 years. She’d been caged, and was desperate for contact and attention. I’ve been taking her with me from room to room when I can, and she even rides on the (electric) mower handle when I mow. Recently, she doesn’t want to leave the shower curtain […]

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Rainbow Shredders

I have a friend whose 36 yr old Amazon Parrot recently passed away. The necropsy showed colored string had punctured her intestine and inflammation in her lungs . The only colored toys she had was a Rainbow Shredder made by Planet Pleasures that was purchased from a pet store. Have you heard of anything similar […]

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How many berries to feed?

Good afternoon. I have a Red Lored Amazon who loves Nutri Berries, and my question concerns serving size. How many Nutri Berries should I be giving him every day. In the morning he gets a mixture of bananas, berries, apples, pomegranate seeds, and other fruits, along with his Nutri Berries. In the evening it’s usually […]

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Red and Yellow Feathers

I have a red head Mexican Amazon that looks like new feathers are coming out but yellow, it doesn’t look right. The feathers don’t look soft comb back like the rest of the red feathers the yellow feathers are small and standing up. Do Red Head Amazon birds have yellow feather also?

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Wont eat vegetables

I can I get my Amazon parrot to eat more vegetables. He is eating just a couple kinds of fruit.

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Parrot scape

I had a brazian readheaded parrot for many many years I taught him how to look for food he was free on my house and in the garden he took a couple times a little fly around nothing serious ,he always landed and start to call me desperately–but last Easter I took him to my […]

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Sick Amazon Parrot

I have a sick amazon parrot that need to see a vet. Here in the Cayman Islands we do not have an avian vet. The only vets available here are regular vets and a wildlife vet. Who would you suggest.

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open mouh breathing Amazon

My 40 year oldyellow naped amazon has his mouth open most of the time while resting. no heavy breathing or nose discharge.

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Question of which ex and mate

So I have had my yellow naped parrot for 34 years now and I don’t know the sex and is it to late to give him a mate

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yellow amazon & Kiwi fruit

Is it safe to feed my dbl yellow headed amazon parrot kiwi fruit? No one else seems to have an answer.

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Amazon parrot quit talking

We rescued a baby Amazon a couple years ago. ” Kelly ” has learned to whistle, say hello, and make kissy noises. Kelly would also love chewing her/his wood hanging toy. Now, Kelly is neither talking or playing with her toy. Eats well, drinks water fine, grooms fine. Ideas?

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You are extremely helpful no questions at this time just saying thanks for all your Info i love it I have a Panama yellow nape and you have helped me extremely !

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Beak Too Long

Our Yellow-naped Amazon, Ian, is in need of a beak trim. Our Avian vet diagnosed him with liver disease and obesity. He would not trim his beak..

close up of face of senior orange-winged Amazon parrot

Amazon Parrot Still Going Strong at 100!

I have had a couple of old hens that have taught me a lot about birds. They were both orange-winged Amazon parrots. I am at the end of the generation of veterinarians on the first line where all of our patients were wild-caught.

orange-winged Amazon parrot

Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot

Orange wings can be spunky and outgoing, but they tend to be mellower and less talkative compared to other Amazons. Like most Amazon parrots, they are social eaters and will appreciate the opportunity to share in healthy meals with their favored people.

yellow-naped Amazon parrot

Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot

Their outgoing personalities make yellow-naped Amazons one of the more popular Amazon species. Yellow napes can be talkative and gravitate toward toys that challenge them both physically and mentally. They also enjoy plenty of interaction with their people.

lilac-crowned Amazon parrot

Lilac-Crowned Amazon

The lilac-crowned Amazon is one of the smaller Amazon species and tends to have a smaller voice compared to the larger, more boisterous yellow-crowned and double yellow-headed Amazons. Lilac crowns can be loyal companions and, like most Amazons, have hearty appetites.

double yellow-headed Amazon parrot

Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot

There’s nothing shy about a double yellow-headed Amazon parrot. These birds are talkative, boisterous and inclined to burst out in song. Males are known for doing what is best described as a mach strut — tail feathers flared out, sliding across the floor while making shrilling sounds.

yellow-naped Amazon parrot

Amazon Parrot

Amazon parrots are among the more popular medium-sized parrot species, which might have something to do with their gregarious personalities. They are often described as boisterous, playful, and outgoing — some even like to sing. Male Amazons have a reputation for exhibiting “macho” behavior — they might flare their tail feathers, pin their eyes and “strut” across the floor or table top.

Presidents & Their Pet Parrots

Can you imagine a parrot perched in the White House? It’s probably happened at some point during our country’s history; after all, some of our past presidents had parrot companions during their presidencies. Here is a list of presidents who really did have parrots during their White House days.

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