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Is it possible for my amazon parrot 25 years old to have a hernia? He had several expensive tests and finally gave me an antibiotic for five days and he got better. I still don’t know what the problem was. I originally took him because he had stopped eating. Can you give me an ideas […]


If an Amazon is regurgitating food, should he eat more?

Eating / Diet

My 5 month old Yellow Head Amazon Parrot, is not swallowing his pellets or seeds instead he is nibbling on them. I tried the formula again but he is resisting that also.

older Amazon

Should an older Amazon parrot–aged 45–receive any special care?

Iron Storage in Amazons?

I have an Amazon, and I am interested in your view on iron storage in Amazons. I am looking for a low-iron pellet. Any suggestions.

chest bump

Hello, i was recently given a Hispanolian parrot as a gift by a family member, i would like to find out why she came without feathers also why she has a medium size bump on her chest. Regarding the taming part she bites and does not want to be touched. I’m trying to be slow […]

Amazon parrot

My bird fell 3′ on 2 Feb. Since then he sleeps lot, is listless, and doesn’t play. He hurt one foot and can no longer hold his food, but he eats eagerly if I hand feed him. Often when he sleeps his head hangs forward below his perch, as low as the end of his […]

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bad feathers

My Panama Amazon (27 yrs old) has always had poor feather quality: black feathers on back of wings & off color & sparse on ends of tail feathers. I joined a group on FB that’s dedicated to parrot health issues & the “manager“ of site recommended V1V1-13 vitamins which I started Cookie on recently. Any […]

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Dominance issue?

I just got my Red-Lored baby back after about 10 years. She’d been caged, and was desperate for contact and attention. I’ve been taking her with me from room to room when I can, and she even rides on the (electric) mower handle when I mow. Recently, she doesn’t want to leave the shower curtain […]

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Rainbow Shredders

I have a friend whose 36 yr old Amazon Parrot recently passed away. The necropsy showed colored string had punctured her intestine and inflammation in her lungs . The only colored toys she had was a Rainbow Shredder made by Planet Pleasures that was purchased from a pet store. Have you heard of anything similar […]

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How many berries to feed?

Good afternoon. I have a Red Lored Amazon who loves Nutri Berries, and my question concerns serving size. How many Nutri Berries should I be giving him every day. In the morning he gets a mixture of bananas, berries, apples, pomegranate seeds, and other fruits, along with his Nutri Berries. In the evening it’s usually […]

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Red and Yellow Feathers

I have a red head Mexican Amazon that looks like new feathers are coming out but yellow, it doesn’t look right. The feathers don’t look soft comb back like the rest of the red feathers the yellow feathers are small and standing up. Do Red Head Amazon birds have yellow feather also?

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Wont eat vegetables

I can I get my Amazon parrot to eat more vegetables. He is eating just a couple kinds of fruit.

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Parrot scape

I had a brazian readheaded parrot for many many years I taught him how to look for food he was free on my house and in the garden he took a couple times a little fly around nothing serious ,he always landed and start to call me desperately–but last Easter I took him to my […]

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Sick Amazon Parrot

I have a sick amazon parrot that need to see a vet. Here in the Cayman Islands we do not have an avian vet. The only vets available here are regular vets and a wildlife vet. Who would you suggest.

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open mouh breathing Amazon

My 40 year oldyellow naped amazon has his mouth open most of the time while resting. no heavy breathing or nose discharge.

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Question of which ex and mate

So I have had my yellow naped parrot for 34 years now and I don’t know the sex and is it to late to give him a mate

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