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January 13, 2021

Parrots get fits, epilepsy.

Why does a healthy male parrot whose breeding get fits? Being fed multivitamin twice a week for years but eventually dies at 8yrs old.


Hi Silva,

I’m sorry to hear about your parrot. There are many things that can cause seizures in pet birds. There is no way to guess what was wrong. However, he was not healthy if he was having seizures, and with something like this, you would not want let this bird be a breeder. Giving a multi-vitamin twice a week is basically only going to benefit a bird twice a week. And this is assuming he gets the vitamin. If given in water, parrots do not drink a lot of water and most vitamins are not stable in water, so this is not the best way to supplement a parrot. A parrot needs to be eating a nutritionally balanced diet every day, and if he gets this, he doesn’t need additional vitamins. An all seed diet will result in malnutrition and severe deficiencies and this can be a cause for seizures. Parrots have a long life span, so a parrot can live for years on a poor diet without showing many signs of malnutrition. However, it eventually catches up to the bird and results in health issues or death at a young age. Always offer your birds nutritionally balanced diet such as pellets, and seek Veterinary care when a bird is sick or exhibits an issue like seizures.

Take care,


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