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June 25, 2020


I’m so sorry once again, I just have a question earlier today verde has been showing signs of wanting my company she still dose not like my hands and will not step up but she will do anything for her millet and she follow me to whatever side of the cage i’m on she’s always calling for me and always wants to see what i’m doing i’m still scared to take her out because I don’t want to leave her to to her own devices, and I love her to bits but am still scared of biting and I know I have to get over it. I kinda have two questions , my nail polish is off but when I try to pet her she just tries to grab my finger I don’t know is she wants to bite it or groom it because she was using her beak and was licking me? My other question is that she seems to always want to be on and I feel like if I opened the cage she would fly to my shoulder or head do you think I should try letting her out?,Once again I’m so sorry to bother you



Hi Morgan,

Parrots use their beaks to explore, so if she is being gentle, this is good. If she puts too much pressure, that’s when you firmly say “be gentle”.  As far as taking her out, that’s fine but again, if she can fly, you need to do this in an enclosed room. Often when a flighted bird is let out in an unfamiliar environment, it will panic and just take off flying. I know she has been there for long enough to feel more at home, but the cage gives her a security she will not have once she is out of it. If she takes off in a panic and flies into a window or a wall, it will most likely kill her. This is why I am encouraging you to have her wings trimmed until she trusts you and knows her surroundings. She can’t get the speed to hurt herself if her wings are trimmed properly. You also need to reconsider the idea of letting her sit on your shoulder or head. A bird is in full control in this case – she can get to spots you can’t reach if she is on your shoulder or head. And of course if she can fly, she may just fly away if you try to get her on your hand from your shoulder or head. Parrots also have the tendency to nip or bite your ears or pick at jewelry. There are different opinions, but it has always been my experience that a bird will behave better when kept at your eye level or lower. It depends on your expectations. I know this is all a lot to take in and you will keep having questions and that is OK. I’m hoping you and Verde can work things out and you will be able to handle her soon.

Thanks for the update,


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