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December 28, 2018

picking a parakeet

My daughter was given a parakeet for Christmas. He was purchased at a local petstore, and he died two days later.. Is it better to purchase one from a breeder? And, do they have to be young to get them where you can train them to be docile and tame?


Hi Kelly,

I’m so sorry to hear about this experience. The holidays are not a good time to get any new pet because of all the activity and extra people who are around. Kids are busy with new things, adults are distracted and a new bird can be very stressed and not eat as a result. The new parakeet may have been sick or simply didn’t eat due to stress and sadly died.

When things are back to normal after the holidays, this is a better time to look for a new pet. Pet stores can have good, healthy birds as well as breeders can, Just like anything, there can be good and bad pet stores or breeders. A young bird is best and ideally you want one that can be handled before you buy it. Some places will sell you a young bird and tell you it will tame down. Some will, some will not. To avoid another negative experience, try to find a store or breeder that has parakeets that are already tame.

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Happy new year!


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