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May 26, 2021

Picky Parrot webinar – weight/foraging

should we try to weigh them daily to make sure they are not loosing weight if they are getting picky ?
“I’ve not brought any forraging items, do you have anything there that you could show us how you hide something?
(my conure is more fearful of different things)”
so timothy hay is ok to mix in for forraging?


Hi Cindy,

Dr Lamb discussed weight and calories as a guideline so that owners can better understand the appropriate amounts to feed a bird. Such as a small piece of apple is enough, not a large slice. The only reason to limit their daily diet – pellets, Nutri-berries, etc. – is so that the bird is more likely to try new foods. But they still need their daily diet – you just give less at a time. I explain this more here:

So as long as your bird is eating well, a daily weight check is not really needed unless he has other issues that concern you. If you make weighing him fun, such as treating him when he sits on the scale, then it’s a good activity to do a few times a week. But never stress a bird just to get a daily weight.

We have some great foraging videos, so I’ll give you the link to that playlist. Timothy hay is fine, but buy the kind that is packaged for pets, and not something for livestock.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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