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October 26, 2020

Pigeon diet

In general (not asking for a whole new talk) does this lecture apply to pigeons? As long as I supplement my birds’ seeds with labeber vitamin, powdered calcium and veggies (occasionally) do you think I can forgo pellets? Thanks


Hi Janice,

You are correct that your pigeons do not need pellets since they are getting added vitamins. Pigeons are granivores and pigeon mixes are generally balanced for pigeons, with the recommendation of adding vitamins. Pigeon breeders and racers use a poultry vitamin because they need a bulk type supplement. But the Lafeber vitamins are fine for your pigeons and generally a better balance than the poultry vitamins. And of course pigeons eat their seeds whole, so if you add vitamins to it, they will get them. You might also try offering some cooked brown rice with mixed veggies, multi grain bread and finely chopped dark leafy greens like kale. These are just some of the foods I have fed my ringneck & diamond doves and oriental frill pigeons.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,



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