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November 23, 2020

Poorly budgie

l keep 3 make buddies in a cage together sharing food water dishes. During the first lockdown when I got to the end of a bag of food it was stuck to the bag. I did not scrape the seed loose but fed the birds on the free moving seed as we were in covid lockdown. Hence all three became sick, really smelly runny excrement peeing, off balance.
now it’s been 3 month 2 have recovered but my fave has not any ideas? Ive been to the pet shop no advice been to my vet but they have one anti biotic for small birds if that fails its line ending. Can you suggest anything. He is creating more solid poops he is hungry does eat and drink has moved from top to the bottom of the pecking order.


Hi Dede,

You really need to take all three birds to an Avian Vet. It sounds like the Vet you spoke to doesn’t know how to treat birds. There are many antibiotics that are used for pet birds, as well as other treatments. You need to determine what is wrong before giving any medication. Vets are considered an essential service and have not be affected by any of the shut downs, other than they come out to the parking lot to get your pet and you have to wait in your car. I can’t recommend a treatment because there is no way to know what is wrong without running tests. I would also recommend improving their diet when they are well again. Seeds do not provide adequate nutrition and even if it wasn’t fresh, the seeds should not ever be stuck to the bag as you described. It sounds like they had grown mold. I’ll give you the link to our feeding guide for more information.

Bird Food Guide

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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