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June 11, 2020

Screaming excessively how to know what it’s about

Hi once again I’m bothering Lafeber staff to answer my question. Sorry I’m advance and thank you for being apart of my journey with me green cheek verde. So this is the second day of her being home, she’s starting to eat her cage if filled with dowel perches but I am going to change it and fill the cage up with toys. So I have spent literally half of my day just talking to her, reading too her and singing which she really enjoyed I sung to her in a soft voice and for the first time ever while I was in the kitchen she was contact calling me. When I was just laying down she started screaming and maybe it was because she couldn’t see me or I wasn’t reading or singing to her I don’t know what it was. Then she just started jumping around in the cage and I could understand what was happening , So whenever she screams I just say yes, yes until she stops. I know that there is a reason that birds Do what they do and that there is always a reason behind the screams. But maybe you could help me understand why she was doing this.


Hi Morgan,

We are always glad to help you with Verde. She is probably doing this because she wants out. But if you continue to respond, you are going to end up with a nuisance screamer. It’s best to ignore loud calls like that. When she is quiet again, wait a few minutes and then talk to her and give her attention for not screaming.

Just as a reminder, the link below takes you to great articles that can help you understand her behavior and offers advice on how to deal with it. There are a lot of links to check out, but you will learn a lot. Sounds like things are going fairly well so far, just need to work on the screaming problem.

Caring For Your Bird

Thanks for the update!


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