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April 26, 2019

Screeching Green Cheek Conure

We adopted Merlin 3 years ago. She was rescued after spending time on San Diego’s streets. For 2 years she was quiet in terms of screeching, only when she got really scared or bothered. But recently, whenever she stands at the top of her cage facing a large window looking out to our small backyard, she started to screech nonstop for hours, to the point that we had to close the curtain to block the view and then she will be calm. We thought that she enjoyed looking out. We have no idea what changed to make her behave like that. In general, she is a healthy, happy, a little bit neurotic bird. When she screeches like that she sounds frenetic, with panic.


Hi Mercedes,

There is something that is alarming her. Parrots have good vision so it could be something that isn’t close enough for you to notice. But regardless, the best solution is to keep the curtain closed or move her to another location. It seems clear that she is not enjoying looking out the window if she is alarm calling like she is.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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