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January 14, 2021

seems withdrawn

I have an African grey 3 months old
I’ve had him a week he has gone into his shell and become quite
he is healthy and eating
do they sometimes take a while to settle to new surroundings?



Hi Jamie,

No matter how tame a parrot is when you bring him home, he will take time to adjust. The time frame is different for every bird. Some are ready to come out and play in a matter of hours. Some need a few days, others need a few weeks. If the bird wasn’t hand fed or tame, it can take much longer. Sit near him and talk to him and reassure him. Offer him treats, but don’t try to handle him unless he approaches you. He should show more interest in his surroundings very soon. If he seems really scared, you can cover part of the cage to give him a place where he thinks he can’t be seen – if he can’t see you, he feels like you can’t see him. Take things slowly and be patient and I’m sure he will settle in and be ready to interact with you before much longer. Here is a link that should also help.

Teaching Your Bird

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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