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December 17, 2021

Senegal beak

My almost 19 year old Senegal’s bottom beak is turning white on the sides – our vet says all of her labs were normal at her last visit and doesn’t seem to be concerned, but couldn’t tell me what might cause it. I’ve never seen this on any other Senegal – is it an aging thing or something I should continue to be concerned about?
I would also like to hear the answer to the fear of sunlight – we have the same issue with our Senegal, especially in the winter when it’s lower in the sky.


Hi Laura,

I really can’t remember seeing this, either, although the shades of grey on the beak can vary. And if the beak growth is building up, rather that gradually rubbing off, the beak can start looking lighter. Since your Vet did bloodwork and isn’t worried about it, I would just be aware of it and take her back to the vet if it gets alarming to you.

As for the sunlight, it may simply be too bright. When the sun is in a different position depending on the time of year, it can look different enough to alarm a bird, or maybe it is too bright or too hot. Also keep in mind that all parrots are prey animals, so the direct sunlight may make her feel insecure and basically in the spotlight where she would be easy prey for a predator. Try a sheer on the window or maybe a plant between the window and the bird – something to diffuse the light some and make her feel less exposed.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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