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August 11, 2021

Separate two parrots or no?

Hello, so a few days ago one of my relatives bought a 3months year old green cheek conure called Coco. After a day she/he flew away from an open window and they couldn’t catch it, and the escape happened because a friend of theirs forgot to close the window so after a day they bought another green cheek conure fir them. When Coco saw the new green cheek conure (Mango) he/she flew back toward the cage and as they tried to catch Coco some of her tail feathers got pulled off and she was put on much stress as it was only her second day in a new home and Coco shivered from stress. Then they placed these two birds in a same cage for a week, and as it is their first bird they want them tamed and they don’t want to breed. So now they have separated their cages but they keep calling for each other. So what should they do? If they keep them separated fully will Coco get depressed because of the separation? Or its better to keep them separate as its only a week that they’ve been put together? Both Coco and Mango are scared of hands as well. And if they separate them and they can still hear each other is it useful or they should completely not see or hear each other? They are really worried about Coco’s mental health and they don’t want to stress her out but also they don’t want an untamed bird and breeding birds. Thanks in advance, Becca


Hi Becca,

If they want the birds to be tame, they need to keep them in separate cages. They will never be able to tame them if the birds share a cage. Breeding birds can’t be handled at all. It might be best to find another home for one of the birds. It doesn’t sound like these birds were hand fed, so they will be hard to tame. I’ll give you the links to our training and behavior pages to help them.

Teaching Your Bird

Pet Bird and Parrot Behavior

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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