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January 25, 2023

Should I buy my cockatiel a friend?

My cockatiel Mango appeared one day in our balcony and I don’t know her age or how she was treated before. She’s not friendly with hands but she loves being in the same room as me and loves when I talk to her. The thing is I don’t see her sad or bored, she’s active and love staring out the window but I’m scared with time she will get depressed if she doesn’t have a companion+ she doesn’t let anyone pet her or get her out of the cage. What should i do? I’ve seen people say they don’t necessarily need a companion so maybe I won’t risk it but I’m not sure 🙁 help pls



If she seems happy, and interacts with people even just through the cage, then she is probably fine. Getting another bird is no guarantee they will get along. She should be active, vocal and play with her toys. If she just sits in one place all the time, then it would be good to try to find a companion she gets along with.

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