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June 7, 2021

Sign of recover or not?

Hello,Dear brenda Thanx for your Suggestion.I want to ask about a situation.My grey cockatiel doing loose motion yesterday but now his loose motion has been stopped after not giving the zincovit drops.He also vomited the seeds yesterday.But now it all stopped.The skin is changing slowly from Red to White and seems to be healing.But He is actually so dull.His activity is Dull and sometimes do nothing.I am applying Neosporin H oinment cream to his wound for twice daily.[3 days completed] The redness decreases.So is it a Good sign of healing? How can i Show you wound of my cockatiel in other social platform.
Thank you


Hi Shivam,

It does sound like he had some sort of reaction to the drops. Hopefully he is better now. Make sure you are rubbing the cream into the areas, and not using too much. If it coats his feathers, it can interfere with his ability to regulate his body temperature and he could get chilled. You can send pictures to and put my name in the subject. I am not a Vet, but can give you my opinion as a vet tech(nurse). We can’t offer medical advice, so if he is not feeling better or seems ill, you should take him back to the Vet or to another Vet.

Take care,


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